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12 Ways To Make Science Fun For Your Kids At Home

The vinegar and baking soda volcano is a science fair classic, but making science fun for your kids can mean a lot more than making a mess of your kitchen.

If you’re looking for a way to bring more science into your home, there are plenty of fun and even delicious ways to get kids excited about biology, chemistry, and physics — without a single worksheet.

Check out these 11 science projects for kids that are perfect for hands-on learning.

While this might seem like a big task, you’ve likely done this before. When you slowly mix about 10 parts cornstarch to one part water, you create a liquid with the consistency of honey, and the properties of quicksand.

This is how it works: When you mix the cornstarch into the water, you create a suspension, which is when one substance is dispersed inside another. This makes the mixture act like a solid when pressure is applied, and a liquid when it’s allowed to flow freely.

If you smack, slap, or scoop the mixture, it will feel solid since you’ll be pushing the cornstarch particles closer together. Slowly run your fingers through it or pour it out, and it will flow like a liquid.

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