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A virtual reality ‘Doctor Who’ film is coming to a headset near you

If you’ve always wanted know what it’s like to travel through space and time, then this is for you. Soon, you can space/time travel with The Doctor inside the TARDIS for a full 12 minutes.

The BBC announced it is releasing an animated virtual reality Doctor Who film in 2019, that will allow viewers to tag along with The Doctor as she travels around in the TARDIS on a mission to save someone from something.

The movie is entitled Doctor Who: The Runaway, and is a new original Doctor Who story — but those are all the details we have so far.

Doctor Who: The Runaway has a runtime of 12 minutes and will be an interactive virtual reality viewing experience, the BBC said in a press release. Fans will be put “at the heart of the story as they immerse themselves in this beautifully animated world,” creative director for the BBC’s digital drama team, Jo Pearce, said

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