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Right-wing Social Network Parler Is Back On Apple’s App Store, With Slightly Less ‘Hate’

By now it’s very clear that cameras on smartphones have become a pertinent question during every consumer buying decision. A good smartphone camera is no longer an added advantage, it’s an absolute necessity for most. While Apple already upped its game with the iPhone 11 series, it seems like Apple is now actively looking to stay in the lead with an acquisition. Apple has acquired Spectral Edge, a UK-based startup that has worked on developing better images via machine learning.

Spectral Edge was formed from the research that was done at the University of Anglia. The startup had developed computational photography technology that delivered better images by combining data from a standard sensor and an infrared sensor.

Below is an image that Spectral Image shared with TechCrunch back in 2016. The image on the right shows an image that is richer in colours and has better dynamic range.

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