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FireChat Will be Your Go-To Messaging App When The Internet Is Blocked

If the internet in your area’s been suddenly cut off (something that seems to be a quick measure for government authorities in India these days) or if you’re stuck at a event venue with horrible network connectivity and your’e wondering if there’s a way in which you could get word out, FireChat is definitely an app you should try out.

What is FireChat and how’s it different from WhatsApp?
FireChat is a San Francisco made peer-to-peer “mesh networking” service which negates the need for a network connection on your phone, meaning it will work anywhere.

The app uses the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your mobile to let it communicate with other devices directly. A bit like Wi-Fi direct for sending a file it will share information with another phone without needing to go via a router or network. It has a range of roughly 70 metres but uses other mobiles like stepping stones allowing it to grow to the edge of any crowd.

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