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How To Get Help With Small Tasks When Your Mental Health Blocks Your Way

Timber Talbot knows what it feels like to be too tired to eat, too anxious to make a phone call, too bogged down by an ever-growing task list to even do the simple stuff. As someone who has endured their own mental health challenges their entire life, Talbot understood, firsthand, the debilitating feeling of inaction.

“I can’t move. I need to clean my room. I need to brush my teeth or I need to do the dishes,” Talbot said. “That feeling can just be so, so crippling… It’s overwhelming.”

After discovering their friends were also having a hard time getting through simple, everyday tasks due to feelings of fatigue, depression, or ADHD, Talbot started Extra Spoons, a Facebook group where anyone could post a simple administrative task they didn’t have the capacity to do themselves — from scheduling doctor’s appointments to drafting short emails — and anyone else could help them do it, often responding within minutes. In just a few months their mutual aid group with about a dozen members transformed into a space where more than 4,000 people come together every day to help each other get stuff done.

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