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Lava Mobiles Just Announced The World’s First Customizable Phone

Lava Mobiles has launched its new Z-Series smartphones in India along witj MyZ – presumably the world’s first made-to-order phone. The company had been teasing the launch of newly made in India phones along that it unveiled during the launch event today. Lava has also announced the Z1 which has been designed and manufactured in India under the government’s Make in India initiative.

Lava’s big reveal for the day was the built-to-order smartphone services it has announced alongside the new Z-series lineup. Lava will let users customize their phones before purchasing, allowing them the option to choose between rear and front-facing cameras, colours, RAM and storage. Lava calls these MyZ phones and users can customize it in 66 different ways. It will be available to purchase from the official website from 11th January.

Additionally, Lava has also unveiled an upgrade service called My Zup which will let users upgrade the RAM and storage option after they have purchased and used the phone. The company also announced its fitness tracker in India called BeFIT.

Lava has launched the Z1, Z2, Z4, Z6 smartphones in India with multiple camera setup and here’s what each of them offers.

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