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Researchers Develop Frightening Artificial Skin For Computers And Mobiles

Researchers from the University of Bristol along with Telecomm ParisTech and Sorbonne University in Paris have created an artificial skin-like membrane for an ultra-realistic interface with smart devices. The Skin-On interface can be used along with devices like phones, computers and smart watches

The researchers were able to create a multi-layer silicone membrane that can mimic the layers present in human skin. The surface layer is textured to emulate human skin above an electrode layer of conductive threads and a hypodermis layer. The researchers demonstrated the use of Skin-On interface on a phone, a touch-pad for a laptop and a smart watch. They showcased various touch gestures that can be used to interact with the devices. The interface allows devices to ‘feel’ gestures being able to detect tickling, caressing, twisting and pinching.

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