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Researchers Discover A Material That Might Power Quantum Computers

Quantum computers have the ability to perform complex calculations at ultra fast speeds. The technology does exist in some capacity but can be taken beyond to new frontiers of technological prowess. The research published in the journal Science by a team from John Hopkins University paves the way for that.

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Quantum computing provides the power to process data at speeds faster than conventional computing. Instead of binary bits— 0s and 1s, quantum computers use quantum bits (qubits)— a superposition of the binary bits. Schrodinger’s cat, a hypothetical cat that may be simultaneously dead and alive is an example of qubit.

Yufan Li, author of the study said, “We’ve found that a certain superconducting material contains special properties that could be the building blocks for technology of the future.” In the study researchers found that a ring of β-Bi2Pd naturally exists between two states in the absence of a magnetic field which makes it a qubit.

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