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Technology Is Helping Us More Than You Realize During The Coronavirus Pandemic

A majority of us across the world right now have ticked almost all the boxes when it comes to “protecting” ourselves from the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. Hand sanitizer – check, Face mask – check, hand gloves – check, social distancing – check, work from home – check, downloading Houseparty app and later posting a story about it on Instagram – check.

While all of these measures are indisputably helping us support the current battle against COVID-19, organizations, researchers, and governments across the world are doing their part and taking more elaborate, advanced steps to curb the virus from causing any further damage. These include implementing a country-wide lockdown, building new medical centres to accommodate more patients, and relying on the power of technology, that’s acting as a strong pillar of support during these unprecedented times.

If there are lessons to be learned while waging a war against COVID-19, we should look at the way China is using technology to knock-down the virus that has caused 34,949 deaths (as I’m writing) across the world. We’ve come to see some great examples of just how splendacious of a role technology has in today’s world. From using drones for delivering food, using facial recognition tools, healthcare automation services to using robots, apps, machine learning, data science, and overall Artificial Intelligence (AI), the country has managed to lead by example the endless possibility of tech as a response to the pandemic. We’re seeing some great ways that tech is being deployed across the world to put an end to the virus and here are some of them.

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