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The ‘Coolest LEGO’ May Help Develop Quantum Computers

People can use LEGO bricks to create some of the coolest things out there – from a working car to a 3D printer. Just imagine what physicists can make out of these connecting bricks? Well, you won’t have to, as a team of researchers are working on making the world’s coldest refrigerator and possibly a quantum computer.

LEGO bricks have been pushed to their limits, but some ultra low-temperature physicists wanted to take these bricks even further. They wanted to see how these beloved children’s toy would react when cooled the lowest temperature humanly possible. Enter, the dilution refrigerator.

A dilution refrigerator is a cryogenic device that can cool objects to temperatures close to absolute zero or 0K or -273.15 °C, the lowest temperature possible. The researchers at Lancaster University used their dilution refrigerator, the best in the world. Professor George Pickett from Lancaster University explained in a video that the dilution refrigerator can take objects to temperatures as low as the thousandth of a degree above absolute zero.

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