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Viral Photo Of 2 Widowed Penguins Hugging Each Other Wins Photography Prize

Every now and then, adorable pictures of animals have a well-deserved moment of internet virality. While some of these are brought to your feed just to make scrolling on social media a little bearable, others are works of professionals. In the latest wholesome news from the animal kingdom, a viral photo of two widowed penguins gazing into the distance at St. Kilda Pier, Melbourne just won a top prize at the Ocean Photograph Awards 2020.

Photographed by Tobias Baumgaertner, the heartwarming picture of two fairy penguins standing on a rock and seemingly looking at the skyline ahead of them. Tobias Baumgaertner won in the Community Choice Award category of the Oceanographic Magazine honours. The picture has been doing the rounds of the internet for a while now and anyone who has stumbled across it before will know that it comes with a moving backstory.

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