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Why Hasn’t Virtual Reality Replaced Movies And Theatre Yet?

We, humans, have a pretty clear idea about what we want our future to look like, we just don’t know when we will reach there. One of the most prominent predictions for the future has been the extensive use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to replace the less interesting aspects of our life, and add spice to them.

Virtual reality is well accepted to take over and transport us wherever we want, immerse in panoramic visuals across all three axes and disconnect us from reality. With every smartphone now having the capability to run VR content with a simple inexpensive VR headset, why hasn’t it already become a lot more mainstream?

And even if they haven’t yet replaced most of our real life, we would expect it to at least begin penetrating the other sectors like entertainment and shopping. This World Theatre Day, let’s try to understand how close VR movies actually are, from replacing your next visit to the cinemas.

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